How Will a Veterinary Nutritionist Help My Pet?

Are you confident that you are feeding your pet the best possible diet? Do you feel confident when reading pet food labels? Are grain-free diets better for our pets? Would you rather make your pet's food at home, but don't know where to start? Is this treat or supplement safe for your pet or dangerous?

We know that good nutrition is vital to good health. How do you know you're making good choices for your pet? Choices in pet foods and treats expand each day, and it becomes very difficult to make sense of the often conflicting information we receive about pet nutrition. We are proud to offer a resource to the Central New York area in our Clinical Nutrition Service, led by Dr. Renee Streeter.

Dr. Streeter is the Syracuse area's only board certified Veterinary Nutritionist, and is available for the following services:

  • Comprehensive initial consultation
  • Assistance with selection of diets, treats, and supplementation
  • Homemade diet formulation
  • Personalized weight loss program
  • Nutritional plans for for hospitalized patients at Veterinary Medical Center of CNY
Veterinary Nutritionist Syracuse Ny

Who Should Consider a Consult with the Clinical Nutrition Service?

  • You would like commercial food recommendations or to have your current pet food assessed
  • Your pet is struggling with a chronic health condition (such as diabetes, urinary problems, gastrointestinal issues, organ disease, allergies, etc).
  • Your pet has been prescribed a diet for a specific condition but refuses to eat it.
  • Your pet just never seems to thrive, no matter what food you offer
  • You currently feed or are interested in feeding a home cooked or raw diet. For questions about raw diets, read more here.
  • Your pet is not at ideal weight (either too heavy or too thin)
  • Your pet is aging and losing muscle mass
  • You own a working or competitive dog and are interested in maximizing performance

What is a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist™?

Dr. Streeter is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN).  The ACVN describes the qualifications of a board certified veterinary nutritionist this way:

A board certified veterinary nutritionist ™ is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN®). The ACVN® is the AVMA-recognized specialty organization for nutrition. They are veterinarians who are board-certified specialists in veterinary nutrition. Training involves intensive clinical, teaching, and research activities spanning at least two years. Trainees also are required to pass a written examination in order to obtain board certification. To become board certified peer-reviewed research must be published, highly precise case reports submitted and accepted, and an intense two day, three part written examination must be passed.

A board certified veterinary nutritionist ™ is a specialist that is uniquely trained in the nutritional management of both healthy animals and those with one or more diseases. Nutrition is critically important to maintain optimal health and ensure optimal performance, as well as to manage the symptoms and progression of specific diseases. A board certified veterinary nutritionist ™ is uniquely qualified to formulate commercial foods and supplements, formulate home-prepared diets, manage the complex medical and nutritional needs of individual animals, and understand the underlying causes and implications of specific nutritional strategies that are used to prevent and treat diseases.

Is This Level of Care Available Elsewhere in the Syracuse Area?

No. Veterinary Medical Center of CNY is the only facility to offer clinical nutrition services with a board certified veterinary nutritionist.

Meet Dr. Streeter, our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist