CARE Pet Therapy is currently very limited in services and the number of patients we are able to treat. We are severely restricted in the number of new patients we can accommodate.

Please contact us directly at (315) 960-0829 with any questions. Thank you!

CARE Pet Therapy at VMC

CARE Pet Therapy at VMC is devoted to improving the quality of our pets' lives.   CARE stands for "Complementary and Animal Rehab Essentials," but the word "CARE" describes us just fine on its own.

  • We CARE if your pet is having trouble getting on and off the furniture or up and down your stairs.
  • We CARE if your pet has trouble getting up in the morning.  
  • We CARE if you are struggling with your pet's incontinence or other issues within your home.
  • We CARE about finding options for you and your pet even if you've been told there aren't any
  • We CARE about how your pet is getting around at home.  
  • We CARE if your pet is losing interest in food, toys, walks, or the other things she used to enjoy.  
  • We CARE about your relationship with your pet and how your pet's comfort impacts your life.
Two Bulldogs On Chair
Woman Holding Cat Close

We CARE About the Little Things that Make Up Our Whole Lives with Our Pets

We’re different.  We fill in the gaps that may be left by traditional veterinary therapies.  We are a collaborative Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center offering both Eastern and Western modalities. Western medicine works well for acute disease processes, while Eastern medicine is designed to address chronic disease states.  We can offer the "best of both worlds," as our patients frequently suffer from both acute and chronic diseases. Our therapies are comprehensive, collaborative, and take into account your everyday life.

Our team of specialized professionals will coordinate the best possible treatment plan for your pet and your family using a combination of advanced pain medicine, physical rehabilitation therapy, myofascial and acupuncture needle therapies, spinal manipulation and chiropractic therapies, as well as herbal therapy.  AND we have the 24-hour emergency support and the expertise of the specialists at the Veterinary Medical Center of CNY as an additional benefit.

We have so many tools to help your pet live a happier and longer life, and the sooner we get started, the better!  See us for a consultation today!