Why Choose Our Emergency Vets
in Syracuse, NY?

Pet emergencies don’t make us panic –that's what we handle all day! Our emergency veterinarians and staff are oriented toward emergency medicine – they have the tools, resources, equipment, knowledge, and experience necessary to treat your pet in the most critical situations.

Our licensed veterinary technicians are highly experienced and include multiple technicians who are formally specialized in Emergency and Critical Care and who are working toward such specialization. We have the largest group of Emergency and Critical Care specialized (VTS, ECC) technicians in the Syracuse area.

We'll communicate with your family veterinarian to ensure that appropriate care continues after the critical stage has passed.

Signs of a Pet Emergency

Pets do not always show obvious, alarming signs when they are having an emergency. Keep an eye out for these problems and behaviors and call our emergency animal hospital right away if needed:

  • Breathing heavily, shallowly, or wheezing
  • Pale, bluish, or grayish gums
  • Vomiting/diarrhea for 12-24 hours or more
  • Having trouble eliminating for 12-24 hours or more
  • Appearing dazed and disoriented
  • Lethargic, not getting up
  • Abdomen looks bloated and feels hard to the touch