Tips for Talking to Our Veterinary Specialists

You don’t need the services of a veterinary specialist under “normal” circumstances. We understand that you are probably nervous and not in the best frame of mind to understand and process all of the information you will need to make the right decisions for your pet.

Below are some techniques we think may help.

Write it Down
Keep a small notebook for this purpose. Write down the questions you have at home as they come to you so you can remember them during the visit or the phone call with your pet’s doctor. Take notes during meetings and conversations with the doctor and our health care team. Don’t feel embarrassed about reciting information back to our team if it will help you understand.

Communicate with the Whole Family
Writing down your questions and our information also helps you communicate information more accurately to other members of the family who weren’t present at the time. It is important that everyone in the family is aware of what’s happening with your pet, and has an opportunity to ask questions and express their concerns. Make sure that you are making decisions as a family—the last thing you or your pet needs is conflict now!

Establish a Support Network
Don’t hesitate to bring a trusted friend, spouse, or family member with you when you meet with our specialists or staff. It is important that you feel supported, and an extra set of ears is always helpful!

Tips For Pet Owners

Ask for Information to Take Home
Don’t hesitate to ask for additional information. We can provide you with printed materials, links to reputable websites, and other information that will help you better understand your pet’s condition.

Make the Decision That is Right for You and Your Pet
You have options available for your pet that may run the gamut from intensive surgery to palliative hospice care. Your individual concerns are important to us, and we will assist you in making the decision that is right for you and your pet. Your pet’s quality of life is our absolute priority. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.