Specialty Client / New Patient Registration

Specialty Client / New Patient Registration
Thank you for trusting in us and allowing us to provide specialty care for your pet today. Our goal is to provide your pet with high quality compassionate specialty care and to communicate thoroughly with you regarding our recommendations. Please do not hesitate to ask our specialists or other VMC staff any questions you may have.
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Pet Information

Your check here authorizes us to send your pet's medical records to the above named veterinarian
The Veterinary Medical Center does not receive funding from any state, county, or local programs. We are unable to provide billing services and must have a deposit prior to rendering services. Full payment is required upon receipt of service. We do not provide billing services, and we do not hold checks. We require a 75% deposit of the higher end of the estimate at the time of admission for hospitalization or outpatient treatment. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. We offer a payment plan through CareCredit—a credit card that you must apply for and be approved. Please ask one of our staff about applying for CareCredit and the payment options that are available if you are interested. The doctors and staff are not authorized to make changes to the hospital’s payment policy.

Your Pet's Veterinarian

As a specialty referral center it is important for us to share our medical records with your primary care veterinarian. Please provide us with your veterinarians contact information so that we can send your pet's records to them in a timely fashion.
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