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Dorothy’s Story

Meet Dorothy, aka Dot Dot Tater Tot. Dorothy adopted one of our very own VMC staff members this past year. Here is her story as we know it… Animal control officers picked up Dorothy in June 2015 when they noticed what they believed to be her lifeless body on the side of the street. Reaching…

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Dog Scratching Ear

Chronic Ear Infections and Total Ear Canal Ablation

Chronic ear infections are a common and frustrating disease for owners and veterinarians. For the pet, however, the condition is much more than frustrating. Pets suffering from chronic ear infections and inflammation are often in severe pain, and both cats and dogs can be affected. Chronic ear infections would be defined as multiple infections per…

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Safety Nets

Through some unusual circumstances, this sweet, homeless, and very broken little guy ended up in our care. We knew right away that we loved him, but such an extensive injury in a stray cat doesn’t often point toward a happy ending. We, like so many other veterinary hospitals in our area, provide pro bono care…

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Ventolin Inhaler 02 1

Albuterol toxicity in Pets: Where’s your inhaler?

Millions of people in the United States suffer from asthma. Many of these people have inhalers to use during an attack. These inhalers are composed of a small pressurized canister that contains a solution of asthma medicine fitted into a plastic casing that releases a precise dose of the medicine in an aerosol form. The…

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